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02/12 AMWatch finds new editor in own ranks amwatch (en)
02/12 Farmland cushions 2022 blow — but investing in agriculture comes with unpredictable risks amwatch (en)
02/12 PFA pauses three construction projects as Head of Nordic Real Estate expects recession amwatch (en)
02/12 Investors pessimistic about ESG next year amwatch (en)
02/12 ATP nears end point of historic restructuring amwatch (en)
01/12 DWS hires alternatives chief amwatch (en)
01/12 Finnish pension insurer poaches sustainability manager from Danske Bank amwatch (en)
01/12 Jyske Capital increases AUM after taking over Handelsbanken’s Danish activities amwatch (en)
01/12 Church fund sees opportunities in illiquids — but wants to see progress in measuring and reporting first amwatch (en)
01/12 Commodities manager preps new fund amwatch (en)
01/12 Danske Bank hires private wealth chief amwatch (en)
01/12 Sampension raked in "significant profit" from sale of biogas firm amwatch (en)
30/11 Alfred Berg ready to launch Swedish equity fund amwatch (en)
30/11 Almost half of European Article 9 have exposure to fossil fuels and aviation, study finds amwatch (en)
30/11 DNB removes kickbacks from funds in anticipation of ban amwatch (en)
30/11 NREP funds generate over 20% returns amwatch (en)
30/11 AP2 expects to reach unlisted credit allocation target in 2023 amwatch (en)
30/11 Velliv's new private equity fund makes first investment, becomes 33% owner of metal waste firm amwatch (en)
29/11 KLP makes three promotions to group leadership team amwatch (en)
29/11 Danica acquires office property in Copenhagen amwatch (en)
29/11 New investment platform to challenge Swedish duopoly amwatch (en)
29/11 Impact, impact, impact - UBP portfolio manager talks emerging market sustainability amwatch (en)
29/11 Direct lender Pemberton eyes USD 50bn to plug Europe lending hole amwatch (en)
29/11 Private market demand boom is overblown, survey finds amwatch (en)
29/11 Ålandsbanken's wind power fund picks fifth investment target amwatch (en)
28/11 Danish pension fund wants more tax info from oil giant amwatch (en)
28/11 Three more managers receive new Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria license amwatch (en)
28/11 BlackRock's new ear to the ground finds her feet in the role amwatch (en)
28/11 Managers pinpoint banking sector as attractive investment target amwatch (en)
28/11 LEGO family office retains positive tech appetite amwatch (en)
28/11 Macquarie bets on network infrastructure, raises USD 13bn amwatch (en)
25/11 European supervisory authorities kick off greenwashing survey amwatch (en)
25/11 Fund platform makes two new hires amwatch (en)
25/11 ATP to re-implement SimCorp software amwatch (en)
25/11 Some investors exaggerate how hard implementing ESG is, say Finnish pundits amwatch (en)
25/11 Nordea Liv takes over NOK 3bn pension portfolio amwatch (en)
25/11 Private equity firms keen to return cash dump discounted stocks amwatch (en)
25/11 NREP enters German real estate market with EUR 500m at its disposal amwatch (en)
24/11 Fund managers find alpha in "artificially low" ESG scores amwatch (en)
24/11 Just one Nordic country reports net inflow despite buoyant stock markets in October amwatch (en)
24/11 Swedish central bank makes another large rate hike amwatch (en)
24/11 Sparebank 1 leader: "Fund saving is like sushi" amwatch (en)
24/11 Is it a good time to invest in fixed income? These AM giants think so amwatch (en)
24/11 Nordic investors start new mandate tenders amwatch (en)
23/11 Velliv chief economist returns to Denmark after seven years in London amwatch (en)
23/11 ESMA launches hearing process on proposed change to ESG naming guidelines amwatch (en)
23/11 CEO wants people to peek under hood of giant fund amwatch (en)
23/11 Old team in new setting: "We have gotten off to a great start at Janus Henderson" amwatch (en)
23/11 Danske Invest aligns emerging and frontier market fund with development goals amwatch (en)
23/11 Survey finds one in three Danes expect positive pension returns this year, despite market turmoil amwatch (en)
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